Lead samples – To give or not to give

Anyone that has ever bought leads on a regular basis knows that when dealing with a new lead company it is always a crap shoot on whether you are going to get good leads or not which is why many who are in the market to purchase leads will ask a company for a sample, a try before you buy if you will.  Like anything else if there is a scam to be had some unethical opportunists somewhere will find a way and the leads business is not any different. Lead companies have begun to shy away from giving free leads away because there are those that will go to every lead company in business and ask for a free sample under the guise of purchasing if the sample is good but never do becasue they got all the data they needed by getting samples from a dozen or more companies.

The bigger lead houses caught on to this fairly quick and came up with a no free sample policy, if you want a sample you can certaintly get one, its just not going to be free, some of them have even created special pricing just for the samples at a cpm well below the regular cost.  You can purchase a few thousand leads for a few hundred dollars and spin the phone numbers through your dialer or send our an email blast through your server, whatever the case masy be, and if the results are promising than you can purcahse the whole shebang.  The mentality is that if you are not willing to spend a few hundred dollars on a sample than the odds of you spending a few thousand for a large quantity of leads is not too good.  Some don’t like this philosophy thinking why spend money on something only to find out it is not going to work for me.

Consider this, when is the last time you went to a restaurant and asked the waiter to bring you a sample of something you were considering ordering on the menu? The answer is probably never because if you did no doubt you would get the quzzical raised eyebrown look, if you want to see if you like something that is on the menu you are just going to have to order it, if you end up not liking it,  you know not to order it again.  Many of the lead providers are not just worried about being scammed out of a sample, they also don’t want their sales personnel wasting precious time on a prospect that is never going to buy.  They use the fee based sample as a way to filter out the buyers from the window shoppers.

Now you can still find companies that are willing to give you samples, but it is a practice that is quickly diminishing and something else that you should consider; leads are the lifeblood of many companies and is a valuable commodity so when you ask a company for a free sample you can bet your bottom dollar that they are not going to get the cream of the crop, the odds are you are getting old leads that most likely have already been used.  If you truly want to test a companies leads you are going to have to bite the bullet and buy them, because most things that are worthwhile are not free.

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