Is Social media going to put an end to Email Marketing?

As most marketers use the Internet to market their companies or brands know, email is one of the most efficient, economical and reliable method of marketing, provided of course that the marketer understands the concepts of email such as spam scores, getting through spam filters (even if using double opt in lists) and of course being legal and following the CAN-SPAM Act.  If used responsibly and correctly email is and has been one of the best methods of marketing in existence, however a lot of noise has been heard lately over the marketing grapevine about the end of email marketing and how it is being replaced by Social Media.

Social Media has taken the world by storm; a platform originally created for people to connect or reconnect, it has grown into something that has gone leaps and bounds beyond what its creators originally intended or fathomed it to be.  In a report last month by The Nielsen company that social media related sites are the most popular sites and that over 110 billion minutes are spent on social media sites worldwide and that three quarters of Internet users worldwide spend time on social media sites and that 66% of visitors spend more time on these sites, almost double of what they did a year ago.  The report stated that 74% of all users in both the United States and the United Kingdom use social networking and/or blog sites (nielsenwire).

So does this mean that the end of email marketing is near with so many people using social media?  Well it’s not quite that simple, because when asking that question one would assume that that social media and email are exclusive of one another and it appears that’s not necessarily the case or at least it doesn’t need to be. Based on research it has been shown that email marketing works better when used in conjunction with social media, it creates a partnership that every business should be considering.

In a June press release by GetResponse they stated that based on their “Email Marketing and Social Media Integration Report” Study that email messages that included a social sharing option generated a 30% higher response than in an email message without one.  The report went on to say that when messages included three or more social sharing options that the CTR (click through rate) went up by over 55% which is an impressive number in any media.

At Throttle Media it has been found that when users of social media provide an email address that the response rate of emailing even a small list is extremely higher than a list that was not generated through social media.

It is evident that social media and email are a great marriage in terms of marketing and it is obvious that social marketing is here to stay and with that being said it doesn’t look like email marketing is going to be discontinued anytime soon.

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