Personalized email a necessity in email marketing

Everyone receives spam in their inbox whether it is a pharmaceutical company in India letting you know the great deal they are having on Viagra, a penis enlargement ad, credit repair or the announcement of the newest online casino that is having its grand opening, we all receive them.  For those of you who send legitimate “opt in” email, it is as you know a battle to make sure that your  mail is not mistakenly deleted as spam with a dozen or so other spam email your recipients have received today.

Millions of pieces of spam email are sent and received every day and the question is how do you make your email stand out as legitimate versus those that are not?  By personalizing your email, and letting your customers know that you know who they are, and letting them know you are not just another spam email.

According to DMNews research done by e-Dialog over half of both U.S. and U.K. consumers stated that they would be receptive to emails which were personalized and targeted.  The e-Dialog report showed that 64% of consumers want marketers to know the type of services and products they want and over half want marketers to know whether the consumer is a new customer or a returning customer and over a third want them to know their online shopping habits and 85% want companies to ask about their email preferences at registration.  Based on this research it is clear that consumers don’t mind receiving emails from those that they do business with, the trick is not having your email confused as spam.

A little known fact to many new marketers is that many people preview their emails before opening them.  Many email programs allow users to see the first few lines of an email without actually opening it.  This means that many people are making the decision as to whether they are going to open an email or not based on the preview.  So knowing this it is important that you include your customers name so that it is showing up in that preview pane or you may end up sending email that never gets opened.

According to the Email Sender and Provider Coalition ( 69% of people decide if they are going to open an email by previewing it, so it is vital that the recipient’s name is shown in the beginning of the email and it’s important to send from a domain that they are familiar with so that they know who you are.

Research conducted by the Message Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG)  showd that 90% of all email is spam which means the more spam that is sent, the more suspicious recipients will become, meaning that legitimate email marketers need to make sure that when emailing customers that they know who you are and recognize the email that you are sending is not spam otherwise you end up with a lot of wasted resources, time, and money.

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