Email Marketing Versus Direct mail

Every day I walk down the driveway to my mailbox to collect my mail, and every day along with the few bills I actually get in my mailbox (which is not much as most everything I do these days is paperless billing) I have a few advertisements just as everyone does, which is nothing new it’s been this way for years.  I also get my fair share of email advertisements from various companies; and for the record I am not talking about spam, I am talking about companies that I actually do business with.  I have an account with IKEA who occasionally sends me email advertisements and once or twice a month I get an ad from Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas which is where I stay whenever I visit sin city. This brought me to think about a subject that comes up often which is, will email marketing make direct mail extinct?

According to an article written last year by Mal Warwick direct mail is alive and kicking; he stated that in the fund raising industry more money is raised through direct mail than email, in fact he says that email only accounts for 2 percent of the total funds raised in the United States by non profits, that is only $7 billion out of $306 billion. It is unknown why direct mail is such a heavy hitter in the fundraising industry but what is known is that is accounts for a substantial portion of all non profit donations. (

However it seems that in the profit industry that email is holding its own, according to the DMA email generates over 21% of the total revenue of campaigns and 58% of US Marketing Executives feel ‘Marketing ROI’ is currently the most important buzzword/trend to pay attention to. – Anderson Analytics and Marketing Executives Networking Group “Marketing Trends Report 2010” (

It seems that both email and direct mail have something to offer and while email marketing has one of the best ROI’s in marketing it’s also evident that direct mail is still in it for the long haul and using email and direct mail together is something that Throttle Media has always believed in and according to DMNews response rates increase across the board when direct mail and email are combined in a multichannel campaign. They claim that if executed properly it should more than double and that by using these two media’s together will also strengthen your brand especially if your campaigns maintain a consistent look and theme (

Cross media advertising has always been suggested and something that larger companies have always participated in. The more ways you get your brand out there the better, and creating a multichannel campaign is not only effective for the current product or service you are marketing it is good for the long term marketing of your brand. So it looks like direct mail and email marketing can not only coexist but also work extremely well together.

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