A Message to Big Business – Quit Your Whining!

You want to know what I am really getting tired of hearing about?  The condition of big business across the nation; whether they are doing well, or whether they are still fighting to keep up, whether they are involved in a hiring freeze, laying off, raising prices, closing locations, blah blah blah.  Who gives a damn?  The government forked out billions in tax payer dollars in bailouts to businesses who were mismanaged and in return tax payers got to foot the bill to pull these poor companies out of the muck.

In the United States the majority of all business is comprised of small business, as I am sure is the case all over the world.  Take a drive down the street sometime and take a look at the businesses that line the street, coffee shops, diners, donut shops, jewelry stores, restaurants, doctors, dentists, auto shops, car washes, and in the virtual world you have small hosting companies, graphic artists, marketing companies, consultants, you get the point.  Where is our bailout? I’ve been checking the mail for nearly two years waiting and nothing as of yet.

If a small company mismanages their finances or executes poor decision making that causes them to sink, they go out of business, the government is not going to come to the rescue with tax payer dollars and bail them out nor should they.  So why then are they doing it for big business?  Why did we not let Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG and General Motors fail?  Because according to the U.S. Government they were “Too big to fail”.

Too big to fail?  Really? Since when in a capitalist society was a business too big to fail?  When did we start bailing out businesses?  I say let them fail; let them be bought out for pennies on the dollar, let them be sold for scraps, whatever.  While one of the world’s largest auto manufactures has been turned into a government operation the rest of us are just trying to keep our heads above the water in these troubling times, while many small businesses have thrown in the towel and given up, and some big businesses still have their hands out asking for more money.

I say let them fail, let them struggle to make payroll, let those at the top feel the burden of not having enough money to pay the bills, let those that can’t keep up the struggle close their doors and call it a day.  Let them feel what we feel. Too big to fail, give me a break.  Maybe those running these large companies should spend a little time in a small business so that they can see how the rest of us do things, without government aid.  So please from all of us who work every day to keep our businesses in business, quit whining about your financial woes, and get back to work!

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