Opt-in Email Lists, to buy or not to buy

The other morning not long after I had gotten into the office and was sipping my morning coffee and going over my daily “to do” list, which by the way seems to grow longer each day, I got a frantic call from a client who had purchased an opt in list and had just sent out their first blast the day before and said that he needed my help because they had a big problem from the mailing they had just done.  This same client had asked for a quote on a large B2C nationwide list they were interested in purchasing and instead of using my company he had decided to go with a company that sold him several million U.S. B2C emails for just a few hundred dollars.  I advised him against it telling him it was very doubtful that this was a legitimate database. But he insisted it was, they had had explained to him the process that they went through and how every single email not only had double opted in but was also verified to be an active address prior to being sold.  So he went ahead and purchased his magic list as I refer to it and a couple a few days later is calling me;  His “Big” problem was that his hosting company took his site down probably because their IP address had probably been blacklisted by various organizations due to all the complaints they had received. He said he couldn’t get the company that he purchased the list from on the phone and they were not responding to the many emails that he had sent. Imagine my surprise.

So there are two mistakes that this client made, the first is they conducted their own email marketing campaign, something I discussed last week (The Email Marketing Chronicles – The Danger of do it yourself Email Marketing) and he purchased a cheap list which I have also discussed in the not too distant past (The Email Marketing Chronicles – Co-Registration Data) but I felt that it was important to mention this again because believe it or not some people get burned several times before they get the picture and maybe, just maybe I can get through to someone and save them some pain and misery.  I promise you that nobody, NOBODY is selling 5 million quality opt in emails for $199. It’s a scam! I know it comes with IP address, time and data stamp, and it looks very legitimate. It’s a scam! And in case you didn’t hear me; it’s a scam! If you want a quality list go to a legitimate list company and expect to spend more than $199 or hire an email marketing company to send your ad for you.

If it was so easy to do these things yourself, than the pros wouldn’t be in business in the first place. Use sound business common sense and use your head to make your decision not your wallet.

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