Some marketing can’t be bought.

My mother is friends with the manager of a mobile home park and for the second time in two years she accompanied her friend to the annual corporate convention where they provided her with a hotel room, free meals, and all expenses paid.  My mother found this to be uncharacteristic of a company especially since she was not an employee, just the friend of an employee.  While there she had several opportunities to speak to the owner who asked if she was enjoying herself and was just in general a kind person, as were most of those from corporate.

I tell you this because my mother left the convention after three days feeling good about the company that her friend worked for and commented to me that more companies should be like this, and I couldn’t agree more.  While it is the ultimate goal of every company to create revenue and make a profit, there is some marketing that just can’t be bought; I call this the marketing of good will.  Just decent human kindness and concern for your fellow man/woman goes a long way.  While many of us were raised to treat people with respect, to be charitable and to take the needs of others into consideration this doesn’t always come across in business.  The saying “It’s just business” is something I don’t agree with and I must admit I am guilty of saying this myself in the past, but really it’s not just business, because businesses are run by people that are serving other people, so it’s just business is really “just personal”.

Like I said while the purpose of a business is to create revenue and make a profit, it doesn’t have to end there, sometimes it is okay just to do something because it’s nice, its kind, its charitable and it doesn’t always have to be about PR and how good you look as a company.  My mother always told me “Good things come to good people” and I would like to believe that is true when it comes to business too.

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