Emailing prospects makes the sale.

As I have been preaching for years one shot advertising rarely works, in order to have a successful sales pipeline it is imperative that you continue to market to the same group of prospects consistently.  Driving someone to your website once is not enough, even if they are interested in your product or service and spend a considerable amount of time on your site doesn’t mean they are going to buy right then and there.  Once someone has requested more information from you just because they have not bought doesn’t mean they never will, so how do you turn that prospect into a future sale? Email.

Once someone has requested more information from you or registered on your site and provided you with their email address they have given you a way to contact them on a regular basis.  While it is common practice to manage an email list of existing customers and to email them various promotions and offers that they may be interested in, many businesses  miss the boat on prospective customers.  Like I said just because they didn’t order doesn’t mean they never will.  I have seen prospective clients order months after their original inquiry, so it’s important to not write them off.  The best way to keep those prospects in the loop is to email them on a regular basis, anywhere from once a week to a couple of times per month, but not much more than that, you want your email to be informative and a way of keeping them up to date on current promotions and services, but not become a nuisance so that they unsubscribe from your list.  Research has shown that the 3 to 7 consistency rule is a good rule of thumb for marketing, meaning three to seven marketing attempts often have to be made before someone actually takes action and the best way to market to them is by building a list of prospects and emailing them on a regular basis.

In today’s world with the technology available at our fingertips it is easy to build a list of prospects and using email to get to them is not only efficient it’s cost effective as well.  Using a service like is a great way to manage your list and the cost is low.  So don’t blow those prospects off just because they didn’t buy, with consistency you can still turn them into a sale.

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