Why your CSR’s should be trained in Public Relations.

A few months ago I was looking to hire a new sales person and I called Monster.com and spoke to a representative.  I told him exactly what I was looking for and explained I only wanted to hire one person and asked him to explain the various options that Monster could offer me.  He told me that he would email me the various packages at my disposal within a few minutes, which he did.  I felt that the cost was too high for only hiring one person and that we would be better served elsewhere and I called him and politely told him that we decided to go with another company this time. His response was “I’ll talk to you when they don’t work out”.  I found this to be extremely arrogant and rude.

Based on this comment my perception of Monster.com is not a good one, and I have no desire to do business with them based on this experience.  We are a growing company that will most definitely be using employment services in the future and that should have occurred to this guy, instead he burned a bridge with a potential client who would have been worth thousands of dollars of revenue over the years, both directly and indirectly.

Sales personnel are most often on a commission or bonus structure and most of them are not looking much further than the potential sale in front of them, but a good sales person should be able to see beyond this one sale that they may or may not close.  Companies should be training their sales teams in the fine art of public relations because in a case like this not only did Monster lose my future business, but potentially anyone I know and anyone that I tell about this experience.  A company’s goal should be to utilize as many people as they can for public relations, the sales person, and the customer both.  Even though I did not use Monster that day, the salesman should have done everything he could to end that call on a positive note because then he would have not only increased the chances of having me call him to do business in the future, I potentially could have referred other business to him and the company that he is working for.

I have written many articles in the past about the pitfalls of having your sales personnel do anything they can to close the deal instead of actually listening to what the customer wants instead of just focusing on their commission.  I believe that companies need to do a better job of training their sales teams not just in sales but in the fine art of public relations because every customer and prospective customer that they talk to is a potential public relations vehicle and that is marketing that you can’t buy.

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