Integrity, an important part of doing business.

I have been in business long enough that nothing should surprise me, and yet it still amazes me the lack of integrity and honesty that so many people in the business world have.  Sales people in general have created a horrible reputation as being dishonest and slimy and that whatever they tell you should be taken with a grain of salt because everyone knows that they will say anything to get the sale.  That is not the way it should be, and it might surprise some consumers that not every sales person is like that.  There are those that have a sense of integrity and their sales techniques are governed by a personal moral compass.

As a business owner your moral compass or lack of one is what will guide those that work for you, because they are looking to you and your actions as a benchmark.  This does not apply to just sales personnel but to public relations, marketing, just about anybody who deals with clients or the public at large.  If you want your business to be thought of as an organization that has integrity than you need to lead your employees by example.  In today’s world the integrity of a company is often more important than the cost of the product or service.

It has always been said that the business world is a cut throat, dog eat dog world, and that is true.  It’s tough out there.  The question is can you survive in the business jungle and still stay true to your values and conduct yourself and your business with integrity?  The answer is absolutely.  I do this every day, as does everyone who works at my company.   Our slogan “Where Honesty and Marketing Meet” is not just something we think sounds cool; it is how we conduct ourselves.  We don’t lie or exaggerate the truth just to close the deal, the exact opposite actually.  We are completely forthcoming with our clients, so much so that on occasion we lose a deal because we have managed expectations and talked the client out of the sale.  But more often than not clients appreciate our honesty, because frankly we are the odd man out.

Can everyone do this?  Of course.  How?  Simple; let your actions be dictated by your sense of morality and ethics; not by profit.  The profit will come anyway and if you are honest, you will probably make more profit in the long run, not less.  In today’s world with so many scams and cheats and liars, by being honest and creating a reputation based on honesty, you really can’t go wrong.

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