Should your customer service department use Live Chat?

Live Chat has been growing in popularity over the past few years and there has been a lot of chatter about whether or not customer service and sales contact centers should be utilizing this as a viable tool.  In my opinion the answer is absolutely, Live Chat is a great tool for any company; it is inexpensive and it can literally save you money.  One agent on Live Chat can handle up to five customers at one time, while one agent on the phone can only handle one customer.  Companies are scaling down their contact centers and utilizing Live Chat and not only are they saving money, but the customers like it because it is instant conversation, not having to be on hold and you can even use it for sales.

Last year when my office decided to go paperless and we were considering getting rid of our fax machines and using an Internet fax number I went to and spoke to someone in sales via Live Chat where I got a great deal, they waived all set up fees and took my credit card number right through the Live Chat interface which was a secured connection, it was quick and easy and I liked it.  It is believed in the years to come this may take over most contact centers, and as a matter of fact many companies have already done so by replacing their call centers agents with Live Chat agents completely.  Many times these agents do not even have phones and if you need to speak to a supervisor they take your information and pass it along and someone calls you back, it is quick, efficient, cost effective and easy for the customer.  In today’s world companies are looking for ways to use technology to save money, and ways to streamline their business and using Live Chat is certainly a good place to start.

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