Being a resource for your clients

Have you ever had a client come to you with money in hand and you had to turn them away because what they wanted was not something that you provided?  You probably didn’t like the feeling of turning them away knowing that they were going to take that money and spend it elsewhere and if you had only been able to accommodate them you could have had the sale.  This happens to everyone, no one company can do everything, but you can still turn this into a positive.  How can turning away business be a positive you ask?  Simple.  You know the things that your clients ask about and are interested in; make a list of those services and start networking and connecting with companies that do provide these services and let them know that you have clients that occasionally need the services that they provide and that you are going to start sending them their way.

This does two things for you, the first it shows your customers that you are not just a source for the services that you provide, but you are also a resource for those that you do not.  Some may cringe at the thought of sending business to someone else because they will be worried, what if they don’t come back or what if they use this other business for services that you do offer?  While this is possible, it’s really not something I would be worrying about because whether you send them somewhere or not, they are going to search on their own and find a company that offers what they are looking for.   By you sending them there you are showing yourself to be a resource and the next time they need something there is a good chance they are going to call you and next time it might be a service that you do offer.  Another thing to consider as well, if you develop a relationship with the companies that you are sending your clients to, they may reciprocate and do the same by sending their clients to your for services you offer that they do not.

At the end of the day you want to show your clients that you are a resource they can use, even if it is for services that you cannot offer them.

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