Is Traditional Marketing still a winner?

With all the new technology in the world effecting how we market our products and services much traditional marketing is being left in the dust, soon to be antiquated, however it’s important to not close the door on all traditional marketing.  Direct mail is still a very effective method of marketing, as a matter of fact it is still has one of the highest response rates of all marketing and it is forecasted that between now and 2014 the direct mail industry as a whole will see an increase in business every year.  It’s also important to remember that it doesn’t always have to be a choice between digital marketing and traditional marketing; sometimes they work very well together.  Direct mail has proven to be effective in conjunction with email marketing and even Social Media and many companies drive traffic to their website through their direct mail campaigns.

The United States Postal Service recently awarded Mlicki, a branding agency the Marketing Achievement in Innovation and Leadership Award (MAIL) for their Blue Octo Campaign which had a 10% response rate (Direct Mail Still Works Say USPS) which included using Facebook and Twitter in combination with Direct Mail.

Digital Marketing can work very effectively with other traditional marketing as well, the call center industry is using both email and social media in conjunction with its campaigns, and TV and Radio have been working with digital media for some time.  Remember just because we are living in the digital age, let’s not toss aside the traditional media’s we have always used and depended on, because many of them can still be very effective especially when used with digital marketing.

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