Not all your customers are shopping online.

We live in a world where technology rules just about everything that we do and as advertisers we embrace that technology because it affords us marketing opportunities that never before have we seen the likes of; from Search Engine Marketing and Optimization to Email Marketing to Social Media the world is now at our fingertips and getting to our customers has never been easier or more efficient.  The majority of consumers are not only online but are shopping online, it’s better to shop online than to stand in line is the mentality of most people.

While this new world of technology we live in is terrific for business, businesses need to realize that while the majority are online,  not all are; there is a small percentage of adults who are not online, and granted it is a small percentage in today’s world, but they do exist.  Also there are those that are online but are not comfortable purchasing online because they don’t feel it is safe.  Don’t get me wrong this is a small minority, but regardless it is important as a business that we not forget about them, because those minorities’ sales still add up, and the loss of those sales would still have an adverse effect on the bottom line.  Depending on what type of business that you are in, it’s a good idea to have an offline purchase option; if you are a retailer, allowing people to print the order form and providing them an address to send it to may keep those that don’t wish to purchase online as part of your customer base.

While online advertising is definitely the best way to reach the masses, keep some options open for traditional advertising such as direct mail, T.V. and Radio and any other venue that you traditionally have used to reach your customer.  Again, while they may be the minority do you really want to turn away customers with money in hand?

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