Evolution or death.

In today’s business world things change so often that it is very difficult to keep up, just as you think you understand how things work, everything changes.  The business world today is constantly changing, constantly evolving, and in order for a business to survive it must be dynamic and able to change along with the external environment in which it exists.  In the last few years technology has surpassed all our expectations from smart phones that allow us to do everything from sending and receiving faxes to video conferencing to the vast dynamics of Web 2.0 and as a business we need to embrace this technology and we need to change how we operate as a business allowing for the change and evolution that is constantly taking place.

Many don’t like change, believe me I know I am not real big on it myself, but not all change is bad and technology is one of those changes that is a good thing for business.  We need to embrace technology because it offers us so much, it allows us to work smart, not hard and for small businesses it offers us opportunities that didn’t exist in the past.  As a small business today you can create relationships all over the globe using social media, you can have customers across the country as easily as across the street; technology has made all of this possible.  I have heard the argument that small mom and pop businesses don’t need all this technology that while it may benefit larger businesses, that it doesn’t really affect small local businesses, such as hair dressers, boutiques, and the array of small businesses one would find in every small town and neighborhood across the country.  I completely disagree; small businesses need this technology just as much as anyone else, to begin with some small businesses now have the opportunity of doing business outside the physical area in which they exist.  Obviously this doesn’t apply to every small business, a barber needs to have a physical relationship with his customers, so then why embrace this technology?  My answer is why not?  Why not use social media to stay connected to your customers, to ensure they stay your customers, and why not use this to create new customers in your immediate area.  Remember if you are not doing it, you can bet your competitor probably is.

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