B2B Telemarketing, still a viable strategy?

We all remember the days when B2B telemarketing campaigns were at the top of the business marketing dog pile, whereas today these calls are few compared to B2B telemarketing’s heyday in the 80’s and 90’s.  What happened?  Technology is what happened, as the Internet became the number one source of marketing there were fewer reasons to use telemarketing as a marketing tool.  Today we have so many digital marketing options available to us; Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Banner Advertising, and Social Media all which can measure results and have proven their effectiveness.  That being said why would any business ever consider using a call center to conduct B2B marketing?  Because nobody else is….

Everyday people get slammed with emails, and banner ads, and Tweets and LinkedIn messages from companies who all have something to sell, most of us don’t even pay attention to the majority of these commercial messages because there are just so many of them.  How many of you received a phone call yesterday about a business product or service?  How about the day before that?  Last week?  Most of you can probably answer none, or very few and the reason for that is obvious because everyone is concentrating on marketing digitally and telemarketing is an outdated and old fashioned way to market.  The fact that nobody is doing it and that very few B2B sales are being placed is the reason why you should consider it.  I am not suggesting that you stop using digital marketing; I am suggesting that you include telemarketing as part of your overall strategy in combination with digital marketing.  The fact that  businesses are not getting tons of calls means that by calling you just might get their attention, especially if you are using it as part of a larger strategy in combination with Email, PPC,  a Webinar, Social Media,  etc.

While B2C telemarketing is huge, B2B has died down over the years and that means it might just be the edge you need to close more deals.  Telemarketing is also a good way to drive attendance to an event such as a Webinar, and think about how many times you have seen an email or post on Facebook or LinkedIn that you found interesting and had planned on following up on, but just never got around to it, that follow up phone call just might be the push that is needed to close the deal.

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