SEX.  It’s everywhere.  From T.V. commercials to billboards we can’t get away from it.  It’s used to sell every product and service imaginable and it works.  Why?  Because it gets our attention and it targets our most basic animalistic senses.  For men, it doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 88, it doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, black, white, short or tall, we all want it, we all like it, and they know it.  When Paris Hilton made love to a hamburger on national television tell me you didn’t suddenly think about running out to Carl’s Junior or Hardees (depending on what part of the country you are in) and chowing down.

Look at this picture and tell me you didn’t just become a Dodgers fan, at least for a minute.  I am a diehard New York Yankees Fan, but GO DODGERS! what can I say, I am a man, I am weak, and I love women!  And they know that, and that’s the whole point, that’s why it works.  They use sex to get to us.  Why is that men in politics that are in the public’s eye keep doing stupid things over and over, I mean sending interns nude pictures and emails.. really?  How dumb are you?  Didn’t you know that the twelve senators that did this in the past all got caught? Why can a man walk into a strip club with enough money to pay his rent and leave without enough money to fill his gas tank?  Because testosterone is a natural drug that makes you stupid, at the end of the day men care about one thing and one thing only and that is sex right?  It doesn’t matter how educated you are, how successful you are, at the end of the day you’re a horn dog who will do anything for sexual satisfaction.  Is that true?  I don’t know but that is what is being counted on.  The question we have to ask ourselves is does it work, and how and why?

The purpose of sex in advertising is mainly to get your attention, from which point the real product can be pitched.  Does this work?  Some say yes, some say no.  Some experts say this is only good for the short term but not for brand building, but then on the other hand how many people rewind the DVR so they can watch the Victoria Secrets ad?   Don’t lie, we all do it…  How much business do you think they make from men running to the mall to buy their wife some sexy lingerie?  How many women are influenced by these commercials to wear something sexy that they know turns their husbands on?

While I think the jury might be out on all the specifics of how and why sex sells I don’t think there is any question that it does sell and will continue to sell… do you?

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