Did you know that Call Centers can still call and talk to you after your dead?

Every week I get at least three calls from an overseas pharmacy claiming they are calling about my prescription, now to be clear I have never in my life used an online pharmacy, an overseas pharmacy or any other pharmacy other than the one down the street that I walk in to.  Every week when they call I tell them that I am not interested and I advise them that I am on the national Do Not Call list and to please remove my number.  Okay to be honest I am not always that polite, sometime the filter between my brain and my mouth malfunctions, but after telling these people for six months that I have no interest and having consistently asked them to not call my cell phone anymore my patience runs thin.  But that doesn’t work either; they still call a day or so later.   This week I tried a different approach, I told the young lady on the phone that Joe died last month after a long bout with cancer.  She said to me, now get this:  “how can that be I just spoke to him about his prescription last week?”  I never spoke to this woman before in my life and certainly not about any prescription.  I didn’t get any sympathy for my death, just a lie about talking to me last week.  Where do these people come from and what kind of place are they working for?

I love marketing, I live and breathe it every day, but somewhere a line has to be drawn.  First of all, what is the point of consistently calling someone over and over two or three times a week for months when every phone call ends the same, them being asked not to call anymore.  That is not marketing, that is just harassment and bad business.  And when someone tells you someone died, how about “oh I am so sorry for your loss, I will be sure to take this number off the list” instead of a lie about how they spoke to me last week about my nonexistent prescription.  I realize that we are dealing with multiple countries and that laws in one country don’t affect those in another, but this is not just about laws, this is about good manners, about ethics, about common business etiquette, it is about right and wrong and what you should and should not do as a business.

Now another issue is this company that called me was an Indian call center, I personally do not have any problem with Indian call centers, as a matter of fact I deal with them on a daily basis, and I do business with them on a daily basis.  See my articles from a few months ago Outsourcing Bad for the Economy? and Indian Call Centers – Bad for Business? Where I clearly defend Indian call centers, but let’s be honest not everyone feels like I do, many Americans don’t like Indian call centers and this company that called me is one of the reasons, because companies like this give the honest and legitimate call centers in India a bad reputation.  The Indian government would be wise to pass legislation that would put a halt to this type of harassment and would be smart to create a way for American and UK citizens to file complaints since consumers in these two countries are what keeps these call centers alive and in business.  There are many fine call centers in India that are run extremely well, that are honest, and conduct ethical business, but they are hurt by these unethical scam artists and someone needs to do something about it before everyone packs up and goes home leaving the call centers in India with no one to call but each other.

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