Email thousands of potential prospects without spamming – Too good to be true?

Every business wants the ability to be able to advertise to a large audience at one time, which is why email marketing became so popular.  There has been a system around for quite some time called “Safe Lists” which allows you to email hundreds, even thousands of people without spamming, without having to build an opt in list, and for little or no cost.

The way these safe lists works is you sign up with a company and you agree to let other “members” email you, and by doing so you are also allowed to email them based on the emails you are receiving.  You get “credits” which allow you to email the other members through the system, and you can also purchase credits.  Some of these “Safe Lists” companies have thousands of members, that you could potentially email every single day, sounds good right?  Here is the problem, most of those members use a junk email account just for this purpose and never look at those emails, so in effect you are just wasting your time.  The company running this service is really the only one that is getting anything out of it.  The old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” really applies here.  There are no shortcuts, if you want to reach thousands of people, you are going to have to create a marketing strategy that makes sense and that is going to cost you money.  The concept of safe lists sounds great, but in reality, it is totally worthless.    I looked at several today that allowed you to email anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 a day for as little as $1 a month; do you seriously think that you can spend $1 a month and get results?   Come on…

I saw another one that  allowed you to email 14,000 people for $47 and they guaranteed you 400 clicks, I can tell you from years of email marketing experience that the best list on the planet is not going to get you 400 clicks from 14,000 people, that is almost a 3% click thru rate, it’s not gonna happen.  There are people that will promise you anything that you want as long as you are willing to open your wallet; get real and get realistic.  Marketing takes planning, strategy, and money, there are no easy and quick solutions and the sooner you figure this out the better off you’ll be.

I challenge any owner or administrator of any safe list to contact me and prove to me that they get real results, real clicks, not some auto click scam, and if they can I will admit it to the world and list their company name and website right here on my blog and I will write an entire articles dedicated just to them; I doubt anyone will take me up on this offer because they all know that they cannot produce.

If you truly want a real solution for email marketing, or any other type of marketing, find a real marketing company that can offer you real solutions.

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