President Obama trying to put small business out of business (Part 2).

I have had many comments based on yesterday’s articleObama trying to put small business out of business some of you agreeing with me and some of you disagreeing with me.  I welcome both types of comments and all opinions and I respect opinions even if they don’t agree with mine, after all that is what America is about, but to those few minority that posted rude comments with foul language that I won’t repeat in this post, please don’t bother, your comments will never see the light of day, if you cannot be civil and cannot post an articulated intelligent comment than it will not be approved. Continue reading

President Obama trying to put small business out of business.

I was driving through the parking lot of a local strip mall down the street from my house the other day and I noticed that the local “Post Net” (similar to a UPS store) had shut its doors and gone out of business and this made me sad.  The guy that owned and ran the place was a really nice guy that put in a lot of hours to make his business work, he worked 6 days a week, he had one employee, and he is a prime example of what the economy is doing to small businesses all over the country.   This particular small business owner was a 20 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps; so after dutifully serving his country for a good portion of his life, he decided to sink his life savings into a business; a business that he worked hard at and in the end it just didn’t matter, he couldn’t afford to keep his doors open (But GM is still alive and well). Continue reading

Everyone just wants free money.

Is it just me or are more and more companies just not wanting to put in the work to make the money?  Every company wants to make money, I mean after all that is why we are in business right?  But some of the people running these companies don’t seem too interested in doing the work that it takes to build a business and to build an income, they just want to make money now and they don’t want to put in the work.   I recently had a deal with a U.S. call center to do sales for a project that I am running (and running quite successfully using overseas call centers) and we negotiated and agreed on a commission price and this was a pretty sweet deal for them because we were already running this project, so there was no guess work, we already knew what worked, what didn’t, we knew how many calls an agent had to make in a day and how many sales per agent was being generated and we shared all this information with them. Continue reading

Customers control your branding image, not you.

Branding has always been important, it’s not anything new, before digital technology became a part of our everyday lives, before we used the Internet to market our companies, branding was still an important aspect of business.  But today it is even more important because of technology; in the past you created your brand, and you decided what you wanted that brand to say, what you wanted it to mean, you were in total control of the information about your brand that was being delivered to the masses for the most part.  Today that’s not really the case, while you do have a semblance of control over the content that is being put out there initially; there are so many sources of information about your brand besides you.  Continue reading