Customers control your branding image, not you.

Branding has always been important, it’s not anything new, before digital technology became a part of our everyday lives, before we used the Internet to market our companies, branding was still an important aspect of business.  But today it is even more important because of technology; in the past you created your brand, and you decided what you wanted that brand to say, what you wanted it to mean, you were in total control of the information about your brand that was being delivered to the masses for the most part.  Today that’s not really the case, while you do have a semblance of control over the content that is being put out there initially; there are so many sources of information about your brand besides you. 

Today one of the biggest and most prevalent sources of brand information is the consumer, with social media taking the world by storm, one way media is slowly being antiquated; in the past information was controlled, you decided what would be said, but today consumers get to put in their two cents worth, and their two cents is worth a lot.  According to Nielsen over 70% of consumers trust consumers’ opinions posted online.  So what does that mean to you?  It means that your brand lives or dies based on these consumer opinions, and if you are a marketer, this should be keeping you up at night.  You need to make sure that your brand is solid; you need to make sure that consumers view your brand in a positive light.  Never before has PR been as important as it is today, because the power of people sitting at home in front of their computer is massive in this era of digital communication, everyone is able to voice their opinion, everyone can be heard, and guess what?  Your customers and potential customers are listening to them, so you better be listening too.  Pay attention to Social Media, pay attention to what others are saying about you, because word spreads through the social media sphere lightning fast, so you need to be prepared.  In today’s world image is everything, and consumers are the one’s controlling that image, not you.

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