Everyone just wants free money.

Is it just me or are more and more companies just not wanting to put in the work to make the money?  Every company wants to make money, I mean after all that is why we are in business right?  But some of the people running these companies don’t seem too interested in doing the work that it takes to build a business and to build an income, they just want to make money now and they don’t want to put in the work.   I recently had a deal with a U.S. call center to do sales for a project that I am running (and running quite successfully using overseas call centers) and we negotiated and agreed on a commission price and this was a pretty sweet deal for them because we were already running this project, so there was no guess work, we already knew what worked, what didn’t, we knew how many calls an agent had to make in a day and how many sales per agent was being generated and we shared all this information with them.  The agreement was they would put a handful of agents on the phone using a predictive dialer for two weeks and after the kinks were worked out they would add more agents.  They put one agent on the phone for one day, and did not use a predictive dialer, they dialed just over 100 calls didn’t make a sale and called it quits, after we bought a quality list for them, and added phone lines for the live transfer.  I mean why even call anyone, why work; why not just ask for free money?  I mean we offered them a good deal that would have made them thousands of dollars per week, and they were just too lazy to put in the work, too cheap to spend a few bucks up front, and then wondered why they didn’t get any results the first day?  Seriously?

Maybe I am just old school, or maybe I am just getting old, but where I come from if you want something, you work for it.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a wheeler and dealer and pretty damn good at it too, but I work for what I have, and I work hard at building a company and I don’t expect results in eight hours, I am realistic.  Doesn’t anyone want to work anymore?  Doesn’t anyone have a worthwhile work ethic anymore?  Is it just me?

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