Why your email campaign didn’t work

Having been in the email marketing business for many years, I am used to hearing people complain that their email marketing campaign wasn’t successful.  Hearing things like “I sent out 50,000 emails and I didn’t even make one sale” or “The mail must have not gone out, because if I had even gotten 1% I would have made thousands of dollars”.  As I have been telling people for years, email marketing is not magic; it follows the same rules as every other type of media out there.  People get misled that emailing to 50,000, 100,000 or even one million is a huge number and they start doing the math in their head, and start looking at country club estates, sports cars and islands for sale in the Caribbean.   Unfortunately like most things in the business world, it’s not quite as simple as we’d all like.

Consider this; when is the last time you watched your favorite prime time T.V. show and only saw one commercial?  Allow me to answer for you:  Never.  Instead you saw the same commercial five times over that hour, and even more likely if you were to watch that same channel for the length of the prime time lineup that evening you would see that same commercial several times each hour throughout the night and it would continue tomorrow and the day after and so on. Why do you suppose that is?  The answer is simple, because one shot advertising doesn’t work, it’s rarely successful, and any marketing professional that is telling you differently is simply just trying to create a payday for themselves at your expense.

Marketing requires consistency, you have to hit people over and over, you have to plan and execute a marketing strategy that is putting your brand out there to be viewed over and over.  It’s what we call consistency marketing, and you might think to yourself, “oh I don’t need that, I have a great product and a low cost, and if I advertise to a large group of people all at once I only need a small percentage to respond for me to make a decent return on my investment”. WRONG.  If this was true, do you think that major advertisers would be pushing their products and services so persistently across so many different media’s?  Of course not.

Email marketing is not any different, it requires consistently, not once or twice, but over and over and whether that is in a short period of time or over a longer period time depends on the product, target, and your specific goals.  Successful email marketing requires a strategy, and marketing strategies generally require an investment, but better to spend more to get an ROI worth talking about then to spend less and not get an ROI at all.  Despite the bad reputation it has gotten over the last few years, email marketing is one of the best methods of marketing with one of the highest ROI’s in any media, if done right.  Find a marketing professional that understands the algorithms of email marketing and let them create an email marketing strategy for you that will be successful.

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