New Author, Jim Lillig

I am excited to be able to share with UnderTheHood’s audience some of my experiences and insights, particularly in the online performance marketing realm.

I have been involved in sales and marketing since the age of 19 and have since 1996 been involved in online digital performance marketing.  After launching my first digital media agency in 1996, I have worked with hundreds of advertisers and media partners to bring their campaigns to life on the web.  Lead generation or direct sale, performance is what is important for advertisers.  I strive to provide my clients and partners with unique and innovative ways to reach out to new audiences as well as engage their existing customers.  Some of the tactics I employ include: email marketing, social media, affiliate/performance marketing, media planning and buying, and search engine marketing.

With change being the only constant in digital marketing I strive to stay abreast of the latest trends and techniques in order to help my clients achieve their goal of lowering their costs and increasing their profit.  My goal is to bring a fresh perspective to this audience and with any luck help implement media strategies that further enhance their existing marketing plans and initiatives.