So you think you’re smart enough to do your own marketing, huh?

One of the things that has always amazed me when dealing with small and medium sized companies is the ignorance that exists when it comes to marketing.  For example, most call centers do not have a marketing department, and I find this amazing; they will spend over $100,000 on a quality state of the art dialer system, PC’s, they will have an IT department; many of them employ well over 100 agents, so they have a sizeable payroll each month, they have an operations department; yet they have no marketing department.  The upper management and/or the operations people will make the marketing decisions, and this just makes very little sense to me.  I one time asked the managing director of a call center why he employs programmers, I said why not let your operations manager take care of your programming and web design, or ever better yet do it yourself, why spend the money on them?  His answer was that they had no idea how to design a website or how to do any of the programming of the many systems they used, that their programming guys were highly skilled and trained.   But you’ll do your own marketing even though you don’t have a marketing background, and have no formal training. What is the difference?  He couldn’t answer me. Of course he couldn’t answer me because there isn’t a good answer, yet thousands of companies do this, and they do it to save money, even though they are not saving a dime.  I say that because the majority of their marketing dollars are being completely wasted, they are throwing arrows in the dark, they don’t target their marketing, they don’t pinpoint who their customers are; they just spend money.  It makes more sense to hire someone, whether that is in-house or an outside source to consult you in marketing, so that you are putting your money to work effectively, than to waste money on marketing that is going to have little effect.


You might spend $20,000 a quarter on marketing and a marketing exec might cost you say $80k a year, and your thought might be that that’s double of what you are spending on marketing each year, but look at it this way, the odds are that the money you are currently spending is not being utilized very effectively, if a marketing professional can pinpoint who and where you should be marketing and get a better ROI on your marketing budget, the odds are he or she is going to pay for themselves, in some cases they might even get you a better return with a lower budget.  Unless you are a marketing professional it makes absolutely no sense to do your own marketing, any more than it does for you to do your own web design and programming if you are not a programmer.  Get the most out of your budget; make sure you are advertising in the right place to the right people, because a very large percentage of companies aren’t.

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