Memorial Day – A Day To Remember…

As I lay here cold and scared, in this ditch I lay aware as life escapes and death overtakes this body I have given to both God and State, with sweat and blood running down my face as my enemy seals my fate. I came here of my own free will to fight the Kings men with my brothers and friends so that all may be free to live and to pray, free of England’s folly and her unholy ways. I came here young, I came here strong, I came here with both muzzle and blade, I came to be free of King George and his army and to break the chains he has thrown upon me. I came to fight, I came to kill, I came to send those Redcoats straight to hell. I fired once, and I fired twice, and I charged the hill with all my might, I gutted one and shot two and three they had to die so we could be free. Their numbers were many their weapons were strong, but they fought our will which too was strong. We desired to be free of England and its ways, to be free of taxes and kings and forced religion and queens.


We came to this new world to be our own, to build our homes and toil our ground to build a life for our children to be proud. A place to work hard and to be one’s own man free to live as he wishes upon his own land, but they came across the pond to terrorize and chastise, to dwindle us down to make us weak. They raped and they plundered, murdered and stole, they refused to leave and just let us stay here in our new home. They pushed and they shoved, they made it so rough that one day the old and the wise sent forth their finest, he came on a horse to raise him high, as he himself was short, but rumor had it that he was strong, and he had a message for us all. “The General hopes and trusts that every officer and man will endeavor to live and act as becomes a Christian soldier defending the dearest rights and liberties of his country (George Washington, General Orders, July 9, 1776).


As I fought with all my might I took out one, I took out two, then it was three, than four and more, than I grew tired and I grew weak as I looked down to see the bayonet stuck in my side with red blood pouring onto the dirt where it will stay for all of days, to soil the earth so that she will know we were here and we were young and we died to protect our new life and its way. For God and country we lay here and stay, for evermore I will remain. It is here that I have given all that a young man has to give, I have given both life and death in but an instant, all around me I see a sea of red below a wave of blue standing tall and it makes my heart swell to know that my sacrifice was not made in vain. As the blood drips out my ears and the sound around begins to dim and the distance of my sight is slowly getting closer and the heart that is beating within my chest begins so slow I know the end is drawing near, before my consciousness ceases and my life disappears, I ask of you just one thing, that you will remember what we did here on this day, how we set free the colonists from slavery and a life of despair, I ask just one thing before I go, that as you go through your life that you remember me and mine and what we did and that we sacrificed in so that you could have the right to be free.


Keep us in your hearts oh please, let us be remembered forever more, from one generation to the next as you stand under the flag with hand to heart, please give honor to my brothers and me for the live’s we lost so that you could be free.


Since the birth of this great nation of ours men and women have laid down their lives honorably and freely so that we may continue to live in this nation Under God with liberty and freedom like none before it.


God Bless America! Don’t ever forget…


Written by Joe Melle




This weekend much of the nation will be celebrating; families and friends will be getting together to barbecue and celebrate Memorial day, with kids running in the yard and their parents gathered around the picnic table enjoying the beer, the food, the weather, and the company of good friends and family discussing various topics about their lives and most of us happy that we don’t have to work on Monday and this three-day weekend symbolically representing the beginning of summer. In the midst of this celebration let us all take a moment to remember what this day is really about; the men and women who have died in service of this great country so that we may continue to enjoy that luxury that we take for granted, freedom. While we can all find reason to complain, and we can all find things about our government that we don’t like and the current battle taking place between the Conservatives and the Liberals with an election on the horizon in which a big struggle for power will take place in Washington among our elected officials in government, and we can all find fault with one another one thing is for certain; whether you are White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, and whether you work for a fortune 500 company or work for the city collecting trash, whether you live in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, or Los Angeles, we are all Americans. We all enjoy the freedom and protection that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution gives us, the right to speak freely, the right to worship freely, the right to live where we want, to marry whom we want, the right to own a business and make a profit; capitalism. All of this was given to us because on some rock, in some jungle or in the middle of some dessert men and women have died in battle so that you and I could have those rights to live such a privileged existence.


In the memory of the many who were slain in battle and who sacrificed their life so that you could live yours, while you are standing around the barbecue having a beer with your friends and family please take a moment and offer them a prayer of thanks.


To those of you who are currently serving and are not able to be home this weekend with your families please accept my personal thanks for your dedication, sacrifice, and it is my hope that soon you will be home with your families.  Until then know that you are appreciated and not forgotten.


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