Do you understand your customer?

In my  many years of doing business I have come to the conclusion that many companies do not understand their customers’ needs  and one might ask themselves how that is possible; how can you be in business and not understand what drives your customers needs?  It is absolutely essential that a company is able to understand and identify what their customer’s’ needs are.  I have found that one of the biggest issues is that with the technology that is available today that the customer has dramatically changed, the problem is the mentality of many companies has not. Continue reading

Take time out – What is your business?

I was watching one of those TV programmes where a business expert helps out a failing business – in this case a restaurant. In the initial introductions the business expert asked “where do you think you are?” and the two business owners replied we both think we’re nearly there. The hesitation in which they said this spoke volumes, and the confused look on their faces as the expert suggested to them that they were very far from all right really highlighted the real problem. These people were so busy in their business they had really taken no time to consider what business they were in, and where they wanted to be. Continue reading

New Author Rick Holmberg

I have been involved in the IT industry for more than 20 years now starting as a software developer and moving into project and program management and continuing into IT management.  For the past several years I have been working with outsourced software developers and have learned a lot about developing a successful relationship with outsourced partners.  I enjoy working with smart people and have had the honor working with many of them across the globe.  I firmly believe that your best resources may not be living in your city and armed with the right knowledge and tools you can have a successful engagement with software developers / ui designers / etc across time zones and cultures.

Does time on the job give a free pass for poor job performance?

I recently had a friend ask my opinion on a situation that he was having at the office; he had an employee who has worked for him for many years and for whatever reason over the last year this employees job performance started to significantly go downhill; where he was once an excellent employee he was now less than a mediocre employee, and my friend wasn’t sure what to do. Continue reading

Behind you, or in front of you; which direction are you looking?

In life there are two types of people; those that are responsible people, and those that are irresponsible people.  In business the same is true; there are responsible business people and irresponsible business people; whether you run your own company or you work for someone else you have most likely seen both types. It’s quite easy to spot an irresponsible person in business, this is the person who never takes responsibility for their actions; it’s never their fault, it’s always someone else’s fault; whether it’s a failed project, a missing deadline, going over budget; whatever the scenario it’s never their fault, it’s always someone else’s fault. Continue reading