Behind you, or in front of you; which direction are you looking?

In life there are two types of people; those that are responsible people, and those that are irresponsible people.  In business the same is true; there are responsible business people and irresponsible business people; whether you run your own company or you work for someone else you have most likely seen both types. It’s quite easy to spot an irresponsible person in business, this is the person who never takes responsibility for their actions; it’s never their fault, it’s always someone else’s fault; whether it’s a failed project, a missing deadline, going over budget; whatever the scenario it’s never their fault, it’s always someone else’s fault. These people will never make it, they will never climb to the top of the corporate ladder, they will never be successful running their own business, they will rarely keep clients long term, they will never be good leaders; they are actually horrible leaders. On the other hand there are people that are very responsible; people that take responsibility for their actions even when it highlights their failures and shows that they were in the wrong. These are people who take responsibility for their actions, who admit when something has happened because of something that they did or didn’t do, they take responsibility; it was because of them that the project went over budget, it was because of them that the deadline wasn’t met, they take responsibility for their actions whether positive or negative. Very often these people are very successful in life, they are the ones that are capable of climbing the corporate ladder and getting to the top, these are people who go out and create their own companies and are very successful, these are people that make great leaders. Do you know why? Because these people are looking forward not backwards; people who don’t take responsibility for their actions and come up with many different excuses are what I call backward looking people, people who take responsibility for their actions are what I call forward-looking people, because they’re not interested in making excuses, they’re not interested in finding a fall guy or scapegoat, they’re interested in fixing the problem, for them that is what is important, they are looking forward not backwards.


These type of people are constantly looking for solutions to make things better, these people take responsibility for their actions and fix what needs to be fixed and they don’t blame the people that work for them or with them, actually they do the opposite; they take the blame, instead of placing the blame on their employees, coworker or partners; this is a great person to do business with. People who take responsibility for their actions are people that accept responsibility for where they went wrong and instead of spending energy blaming other people or looking for some excuse as to why it wasn’t their fault they look for solutions to fix the problem, solutions to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, to make things successful, and often these people turn a potential failure into a success story because they spend all of their energy looking for solutions. People looking for solutions generally build something great, people who look for excuses generally don’t do anything except dig a hole in which they spend most of their life trying to crawl out of.  Which direction are you looking, behind you or in front of you?


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