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I have been involved in the IT industry for more than 20 years now starting as a software developer and moving into project and program management and continuing into IT management.  For the past several years I have been working with outsourced software developers and have learned a lot about developing a successful relationship with outsourced partners.  I enjoy working with smart people and have had the honor working with many of them across the globe.  I firmly believe that your best resources may not be living in your city and armed with the right knowledge and tools you can have a successful engagement with software developers / ui designers / etc across time zones and cultures.

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About Rick Holmberg

Rick Holmberg is the VP of Engineering at KM Ware Solutions and has more than fifteen years of software development and Project Management experience. With over 6 years working with Agile in a distributed environment, Rick provides organizations with the unique practices and tools needed to succeed at agile software development. He specializes in aiding organizations that are transitioning to Agile or just starting out with Agile as their software development process. He also has experience across many technologies including: Mobile applications, Web applications, cloud computing and SaaS implementations throughout numerous industries. Rick was chosen to speak at the Agile Business Conference in London in 2011, Agile Austin in 2012 and at numerous client facilities.

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