Call Center Customer Service in the New Millennium

I found that many call centers are behind the times when it comes to customer service, and many have the mentality that because they are a call center that means that the only way a customer needs to get ahold of them is by telephone. This is false. In today’s world it is important to be flexible and realize that not all customers are the same, some want to call you, some want to reach out via Facebook or Twitter and some want to talk to you via Live Chat. Progressive call centers are offering their customers a variety of ways to contact them and if you are not, than you are operating a call center from the past, not the present.
One of the best tools ever invented that every call center should be using is Live Chat; Live Chat enables one agent to simultaneously talk to multiple customers at one time; studies have shown that one agent can talk to up to six customers at once.
Social Media has quickly changed how we interact with customers, we are no longer controlling the conversation, we are now part of the conversation. According to ICMI “Senior managers need to provide the call center with the support and resources it needs to continuously keep its finger on the pulse of customer sentiment within social networks, and to effectively engage customers and solve issues via the new media”.
Whatever type of contact center you are, you need to sync with your customers and in order to do that you need to be “Jacked” into every type of communication channel that is at your disposal. Let the customer know you are listening, and let them know you are listening from multiple platforms.

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