Being in business means being at war

You’ve probably heard the expression, “It’s a dog eat dog world”, and when it comes to business I believe that this most definitely applies.  If you are in business you know it’s hard, you have to constantly be watching the competition to see what they are doing, and how what they are doing is effecting your business.   To run a successful company you have to have the heart of a warrior, you have to out think and out maneuver the competition at every turn in order to stay ahead.  Being in business is being at war, the competition is the enemy and the company that attracts the most customers, and the company that is constantly taking the competitions customers away is the one that is winning the war.


Does this mean you have to be dishonest and unethical to be in business? Absolutely not.  But coming up with innovative ways to steal the competitions customers in not unethical, it’s just business and you can do it without crossing any moral lines.  Now some of you might be “nice guys” and think that this is the way to do things, that there is enough business for everyone and that there is no reason to take bread off the table of the competition.  False.  The very core of a good business man or woman is to strike at the heart of the competition and take what’s theirs as your own.  It may seem cold or uncaring knowing that by being a better businessman or woman, a better entrepreneur, a better warrior, that you are costing someone else money, and if you are really successful you could potentially put them out of business.  Should that stop you?  Absolutely not, this is the way the business world works, not everyone can be at the top, not everyone can be successful and not everyone can keep their doors open.  While it is okay to feel for that other company, and for the people that run the company, and the people that work at the company knowing because of your skills they may end up without a job, this cannot deter you, if it does than you should not be in business.  Being in business comes with responsibilities, you are responsible for making money, for your shareholders, your partners, or even yourself, that has to be your number one priority.  Going into business is a risky venture; you knew that when you opened your doors, your competition knew it too.


Business is war, and you have to be a warrior.  Only the strong survive.

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