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While there are endless choices for those looking to get their new business started and build their own website, a new service helps young entrepreneurs start their own businesses online. Particularly aimed at young people (with support from their parents) Bizinate offers a convenient and simple model to get started. Anything that enables people to get started in a low risk way is to be welcomed, and this service once again shows innovative new media solutions to old problems. While this is a US offering those looking for inspirational help and advice in starting a business can also look online at the UK based shell livewire forum.

If you are just thinking of getting your new business started there are numerous places to get help and advice. In the UK organisations like enterprise agencies and chambers of commerce are a good starting point. In US sites like SBA and Score provide a similar foundation. If your business is already up and running but you’re looking for further guidance these sites can also help. As can looking at business forums, there are plenty of good quality ones providing different views by particular industry or business type. The online business press can keep you updated and put a fresh perspective on your business, sites like the New York Times while in the UK the telegraph or guardian provide a similar perspective on small business.

But don’t spend too much of your time planning. While being important, one of the best lessons from successful entrepreneurs is to follow Nike’s advice and “just do it”. With sites like Bizinate creating your own business can now happen in online time and not years of old-fashioned business planning time.

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About Robert McCaffrey

Robert is based in the UK and enjoys being involved in marketing and business development, with experience ranging from the IT services industry to social housing, and currently in B2B with a market leader. His interest and enthusiasm for small business arose after two years of digital marketing experience with a not-profit organisation in the UK, helping people start up in business, as well as providing mentoring and online business support advice. This period also made him enthusiastic to personally contribute in this area, and become involved in business forums.

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