Unions; Bad for Business?

Throughout the years I have heard people complain about their jobs, how they are not making enough money, they don’t like their insurance or benefits, how they think that their job owes them.  That is why people love unions so much, because unions protect the average worker.  I know that a lot of people are going to disagree with what I am going to say, but that is because those people don’t own a business. 

I don’t like unions, I believe that they once served a purpose and that purpose was to protect the worker, but I don’t believe that protection is needed anymore.  There are things in place that were not in place when unions were created such as minimum wage and laws that protect the safety of workers and rights of people;  workers in the U.S. are protected against prejudice against race, color, and religion, and they are protected by various agencies against unsafe working conditions.  I believe that if someone owns a company, that if they offer someone $15 an hour to do a job and that person accepts, for that person to ask for more money a few months or a year down the line and if they do not get it to go on strike, is a load of crap.  You agreed to a certain wage, and specific benefits if any, if you get a raise great, but I don’t feel like an employer is obligated to do anything other than what he agreed to at the time you were hired.  If you are not happy with the condition of your job, quit, go work somewhere else, or start your own company.

I believe that unions are bad for business; to start with they hijack a company’s ability to operate by having the workforce go on strike.  They get what I feel is unreasonable salaries for many workers that are not skilled (CAN SOMEONE SAY GENERAL MOTORS?) and guess what, the consumer pays for this because it raises the cost of the product.  The unions are what put GM under, the unions don’t care about its people, all they care about is the fees they are paid.  Unions are little more than thugs.

When someone hires someone, even if it is a long term deal, this is basically a contract between them and the company, it’s not any different than hiring someone to mow your lawn or service your pool.  If your gardener has been getting $40 a week from you for the past three years, and suddenly decides he is going to raise his prices, you have the option of cancelling his service.  He doesn’t show up at your house with 400 other gardeners and picket you for unfair wages.  He moves on.  The workforce should be no different. A worker can tell the company they work for, that they require a raise to continue working there, if they get it great,  if not they can either continue working at the same wage or they can quit and move on.  It really should be that simple in my opinion.

As I have always said, a company is responsible to pay you what they promised, that’s it, they don’t have to do anything else beyond that, or at least they shouldn’t have to.  If a worker is not happy with where they work, let them start their own company.  Do you think they’ll be singing the same song when they have employees of their own?  I’m guessing not…

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