Does Your Brand Need a Personality?

Many small businesses are under the impression that branding is not important; they are wrong.  Branding is extremely important, especially for smaller businesses who are more than likely competing with a lot of other small businesses for the customer’s dollar.   There is not much difference in most products, whether you are selling donuts or auto supplies, most products are the same.  This is why you need to brand yourself, to add personality so to speak to your business and to your products.

In my marketing classes I like every other business professor in the world talk about differentiation, which is the process of making your product, service, and business stand out.  Imagine your business is a person, every person has the same basic attributes, they have a head, arms, legs, hands, feet, and sure they may all look different, but so do products, but every person has something that nobody else has; personality.  That personality makes them different from everyone else: differentiation.  Your business is not any different; it too must have a personality, it must be different.   Your business personality and your brand personality might be the same or different, depending on your business.  I believe that the best place to start giving your business a personality is with values, what values does your company have?  This is a good place to start developing your personality; a common exercise for determining your businesses personality is to ask yourself if your company were a person who would it be, if it were a car what type would it be, if it were an animal what type would it be. Just like a newborn baby your business or brands personality won’t happen overnight, it is a process that happens overtime.

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