Learning from others

Many start-up’s face the issue of keeping momentum and growth going after dealing with the initial challenge of starting the company. That’s where you can learn from others – no matter that they may not be in the same market or doing the same thing – the business challenge they face will be the same.  A recent article on Springwise identifies some valuable tips. One lesson is to have a game-plan and retain a confident approach.  Aaron Priest, co-founder of Raygun says “Sometimes the best approach you can take in stormy weather is to stay the course. If you planned effectively and strategized properly, then you need to trust yourself. At times, we allowed ourselves to veer from our gameplan and it cost us in resources – both time and financial.”

While many start-up’s are incredibly flexible and adaptive it’s still important to remain effectively multi-tasking. Both because of the challenges and the limited resources, most  start up’s need people who are not only willing to multi task but are capable of doing so. That can be quite demanding, along with the speed at which you need to be working. Brian Davis, founder of Stay Green Oil, which recycles unwanted oil, says “When you come up with a great idea – move on it and don’t be afraid to fail. Have passion in what you do and develop a go-to market strategy that assumes some level of risk. If you sit around and wait, you will miss the boat”.

While all these things are happening, remain aware of what is changing in the market. Joris Bryon and Hannelore Dewaele, who founded charity video company Timbooktwo, say “Businesses have to be flexible enough to make small and big tweaks on the go, and to see and seize short and long term opportunities that cross their path”. So while keeping confident in your game plan it’s important to re-consider that plan to accommodate the changing marketplace. And maybe that is the final lesson for the establishing entrepreneur. You probably got there by identifying a gap and an opportunity in the market – so keep aware and remain open to new opportunities. Remember last month – surfing the wave? Well you can see an awful lot more when you’re confident and balanced on the wave, rather than being thrown around in the surf. Get on the wave, stay there, and look around and see what’s ahead.

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Robert is based in the UK and enjoys being involved in marketing and business development, with experience ranging from the IT services industry to social housing, and currently in B2B with a market leader. His interest and enthusiasm for small business arose after two years of digital marketing experience with a not-profit organisation in the UK, helping people start up in business, as well as providing mentoring and online business support advice. This period also made him enthusiastic to personally contribute in this area, and become involved in business forums.

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