LinkedIn: Endorse this!

I am not a big social media guy in my personal life, but when it comes to business I absolutely think Social Media is the best thing since target marketing was invented, and the best place to do this is LinkedIn.  Yes I really love LinkedIn, and I spend a considerable amount of time each day networking and responding to emails and even putting together deals.  To date I have over 7000 connections; now here’s the thing, I have done business with some of those 7000, but obviously not all of them, and from time to time I get a recommendation request from someone who I have not done business with, and I always politely explain to that person that I do not do recommendations for people that I have not done business with.  Why?  Because I would be lying to the general public by recommending this person, and I would be saying things about them that I do not know to be true, and that reflects badly on me, I consider my word to be gold, so I am not risking my reputation on someone that I have not done business with. Continue reading

Slow Start – the cautious approach also works

For many people the risk of starting their own business may stall their attempts – But there is another approach that sees many people start small and grow. For such people working full-time while spending the rest of their time developing their business does work. Really it’s a logical next step from developing an initial business idea which probably developed over days at work and working out the details in the evenings and weekends. By taking this start small approach it allows the business to be almost self-funding and takes away many of the risks associated with launching a brand new business. This model does make economic sense as well – big companies like Apple may introduce brand new products to the market, but they don’t stop doing what they are doing while doing this. Continue reading

Time Management an Illusion?

So many managers from low-level to executive are so stressed, no wonder people drink at work and toke up in the bathroom, too much stress over how much they have to do and how little time they have to do it.  There are a million articles about time management on thousands of blogs and websites about this, magazine articles have been published, books, speeches, seminars, webinars; companies hire expensive consultants.  Every professionals resume touts his or hers excellent time management abilities, they talk about it in job interviews, managers tell their employees they need to get it to move up in the company.  Here is my question to the masses; how exactly does one get time management, do you call your pal Harry Potter and take a trip to Hogsmeade Village to buy that magical apparatus that allows you to bend time?  Continue reading

Living the Vision

Company image is extremely important and whether you are a small business or a fortune 500 company this is something that should be a daily priority.  Many companies think that image and branding is the job of marketing and/or public relations and this could not be further from the truth.  Branding and image is the job of everyone who works at the company, from the CEO all the way down to the janitor, and you may laugh when I say that, but I’m not joking.  Every employee must live the image, yes that’s right live the image; you can’t sell it if you are not living it as a whole, meaning that everyone that works for you must share in the vision. Continue reading