LinkedIn: Endorse this!

I am not a big social media guy in my personal life, but when it comes to business I absolutely think Social Media is the best thing since target marketing was invented, and the best place to do this is LinkedIn.  Yes I really love LinkedIn, and I spend a considerable amount of time each day networking and responding to emails and even putting together deals.  To date I have over 7000 connections; now here’s the thing, I have done business with some of those 7000, but obviously not all of them, and from time to time I get a recommendation request from someone who I have not done business with, and I always politely explain to that person that I do not do recommendations for people that I have not done business with.  Why?  Because I would be lying to the general public by recommending this person, and I would be saying things about them that I do not know to be true, and that reflects badly on me, I consider my word to be gold, so I am not risking my reputation on someone that I have not done business with.

Now LinkedIn has something new, endorsements; which are a way for your contacts to endorse particular skills that you might have such as inventory management, email marketing, proposal writing, etc.  The problem is unlike recommendations you do not have to approve these, they just show up, and sure you can go in after the fact on each individual endorsement and hide that endorsement , but here’s the issue, everyone is doing it, so if you have thousands of contacts even if only a small percentage of them do this, that is hundreds, who’s is going to spend the time going through all of these.. And what is the point anyway?  If everyone knows that everyone is endorsing everyone, doesn’t that endorsement become worthless, the same as not having it at all?  Based on what I know now with all of these people openly endorsing just anyone, I hold no value in endorsements, so what really is the point?  I love LinkedIn I really do, but this just cheapens up the value that it offers, and don’t get me wrong I am not totally against these endorsements, but let people choose if they want it shown like they do with recommendations, or let people choose to completely block them if they want…   I really think the head honchos at LinkedIn really need to rethink this one…

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