Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!

Let’s talk about Sex baby, let’s talk about you and me…  Sounds like a hip hop song from the 90’s right?  Well that’s because it is, you can check it out here ,but talking about sex is not just a Salt N Pepa hit song, it’s also one of the golden rules of marketing and that rule is “Sex sells”… This has always been the case and always will be the case.    Let’s be honest when is the last time you saw a plain looking woman on a Victoria Secret commercial?  Never….  Because hot, almost naked women in revealing lingerie, that is what sells.  When is the last time you saw a man’s cologne commercial with a plain looking nerd?  Never… Because women want to see the mysterious dark haired hot dude with the five o’clock shadow…  SEX SELLS…

On Monday I went to “The Foundation Room” a members only club at the top of the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas where I live, to have a drink with a business partner, now normally Monday is a pretty quiet night, but not this Monday, this Monday the place was hopping, and the reason it was hopping was because it was full of hot, sexy, Budweiser girls who were there to promote the new Budweiser brand “Black Crown”.  Hot women hanging out giving away all you can drink free beer, I love Las Vegas!  So what was the point of this? The point was you hang out,  you spend time talking to these hot chicks, getting your picture taken with them, throwing back a bunch of free beer, oh and did I mention you also got a free combination flashlight/bottle opener for those times you need to crack open a beer in the dark… so the point was you weren’t going to forget this night with the hot girls and the free beer, and if you are a beer drinker, the next time you are out grabbing a 12 pack, you just might pick yourself up some “Budweiser Black Crown.

But the question that begs to be answered is why does this work? Why does sex sell?   If Budweiser would have sent a bunch of middle aged plain looking women dressed in business casual on Monday to promote “Black Crown do you think I would be writing about it right now?  Do you think men would remember that brand the next they were out buying beer?  The answer to both I think is obvious, hell no.  They used hot models because they knew this would get our attention, and they were right.  Do you think if Victoria Secret used plain looking average soccer moms, that their ads would have the desired effect? Again, probably not.  They use hot women to get the attention of other women, women who want to feel sexy, who want to look like these models.  There are those that say sex hurts marketing, and like everything else it can be overdone, but if done with taste and in moderation sex most definitely can sell…

Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me….

1 thought on “Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!

  1. Joe, you are spot on. Sex does sell. If your target demographic is male 21-29, you better find a way to make the experience in which they consumed the Budweiser Black Crown a memorable one; one with sexy women at a busy, crowded place that took a little extra to get into.

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