Emailing your Network and the BCC Field

Today I received an email from a LinkedIn contact to share some information that they felt was pertinent and that I needed.  It really wasn’t  but that’s OK  I don’t mind… What I do mind is that he decided to send this email to everyone he knew and he put us all in the TO or CC field.  That means that everyone he emailed (and it was dozens) now have my email address.  I consider this to be in essence bad business manners.  I gave him my email address; I did not give it to everyone that he knows….

This happens a lot, and like I said, while I don’t mind the actual email, I do mind my email address being shared without my permission.  I send emails to my LinkedIn contacts all the time, I have over 7000 of them, and I always use the BCC field so that my contacts are not seeing each other’s email addresses.   It’s just bad business and believe it or not there is such a thing as email etiquette, and if you are going to use email as a communication tool for your business, you need to know what is acceptable and what is not.  When people give you their email address or accept your request on LinkedIn or any other business media, the expectation is you are going to protect and respect their privacy.  So the next time you are sending an email to all those people, take the simple step of clicking the BCC field so that you do not alienate that resource that in business is very precious and should be protected; your network.

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