The Czar of Common Sense

I don’t know about you, but one of the things that really burns my chaps is when I am on the phone with someone and they ask me for my call back number and while I am giving to them they are talking.  “My number is 800 (uh huh) 555 (uh huh) 1212 (what was the last four?)  Really?  I have an idea, shut up and write the number down and when I am all done read it back to me.  I mean come on its 10 digits you can’t be quiet long enough for me to give you my number?   And even if you wanted to read it back to me as I was giving it to you, don’t say uh huh. That’s very unprofessional…

I’ve brought this up over a beer with friends before and not all of them agree with me, but to me it’s just common sense.  Why would you talk over me when I am in the process of giving you information?   I wish I could say that this has been an isolated issue, but it hasn’t…  Depending on my mood I have even asked people to please stop talking so I can give my number to them.  (Oh ok.. sorry)…  come on… Where has common sense gone?  Why can’t people figure this out on their own?   I think there should be a fine for interrupting people while they are talking… I am going to call it the “Uncommon Sense Fine” Billed to your credit card as USF.  I think the U.S. government should create a new division specifically for this and make me the “Czar of common sense” and allow me to fine people and keep 10% as my fee.  By the end the quarter I will have more money than Donald Trump, Ted Turner, and Bill Gates combined…

Anyone interested in investing?

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