Voicemail so 1990?

I don’t know about most people, but I like voicemail…  When I cannot take someone’s call I like for them to leave me a voicemail.  Its them speaking, it’s their voice and they can tell me precisely what they wanted in their own words.  Apparently though I am “old school” because I am told that nobody uses voicemail today and they appear to be correct based on the research I am doing, many people don’t use it.  I don’t get it…

First of all, I may be old school, sorry that’s “OLD Skool” I forgot we spell different now too, and I may be hanging on to something that is “so 1990” but I don’t care.  It makes very little sense to me to scroll though missed calls to see who called me, I don’t and I won’t.   When I don’t answer a recording of my voice plays saying to leave me a message… so what’s so hard about that?  For some people who don’t get a lot of calls scrolling through their missed calls might be simple, but I use my cell phone for business and personal alike, and on some days I get thirty or forty calls, and I am not going to scroll through and try to figure out who it is and what they want, if it’s important than leave a message.  Why is this difficult, what am I missing?

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