Emotional Marketing; The path to success

The summer between my sophomore and Junior year I decided to go to summer school to get a leg up on the upcoming school year; I took U.S. history so that that I wouldn’t have to take it during the regular school year.  The decision to take that class was one that had an instrumental effect on my life because the teacher was like no other I had ever come across before, and while I do not remember his name 30 years later, I do remember everything he taught.  But more important than what he taught was how he taught it… Continue reading

A Tribute on Memorial Day

This coming Monday is Memorial Day, which is much more than the place marker for the beginning of summer, much more than a day to barbecue with family and friends, much more than a day to sit at the pool with a beer and enjoy the fact that the weather is good and that you have the day off of work. We are privileged in this country; we go about our lives without fear of oppression, there is no danger of stepping on a land mine, or being shot by a sniper while walking our kids to the bus stop.  We live in a free and capitalistic country where we are free to start a business and reap the fruits of our labors. You might ask yourself why I am writing about this in a business blog. Continue reading

Helping hands

You can expect that an entrepreneur has all the acumen and drive to succeed. But everyone benefits from guidance, help, training and insight. And for those entrepreneurs who have already succeeded, it is good to see them putting something back. Some recent developments must surely be welcome in helping more entrepreneurs get started or in developing further. The Hip-hop star Dr Dre along with music industry aficionado Jimmy Iovine have donated $70 million to the University of Southern California (USC). The USC newly created academy will provide a four year programme for undergraduates in areas of marketing, computer science and the arts. It will also include 1-1 mentoring and interaction with names from the entertainment industry. Continue reading