A Tribute on Memorial Day

This coming Monday is Memorial Day, which is much more than the place marker for the beginning of summer, much more than a day to barbecue with family and friends, much more than a day to sit at the pool with a beer and enjoy the fact that the weather is good and that you have the day off of work. We are privileged in this country; we go about our lives without fear of oppression, there is no danger of stepping on a land mine, or being shot by a sniper while walking our kids to the bus stop.  We live in a free and capitalistic country where we are free to start a business and reap the fruits of our labors. You might ask yourself why I am writing about this in a business blog.

I am writing this because many have died to ensure that we are not oppressed, to ensure that we are able to live our lives in freedom; and not just in long ago wars that we read about in history books, but today, yesterday, last week.   Whether or not we agree with the current wars we have been in over the past few years, the soldiers of both today and yesterday that have died have sacrificed their lives to protect our way of life; they have given the ultimate sacrifice in order to enable us to continue to live in the land of the free.

So this memorial day I would like to salute all of the men and women of both past and present wars and conflicts who have died on our behalf and I thank you for your sacrifice.