Emotional Marketing; The path to success

The summer between my sophomore and Junior year I decided to go to summer school to get a leg up on the upcoming school year; I took U.S. history so that that I wouldn’t have to take it during the regular school year.  The decision to take that class was one that had an instrumental effect on my life because the teacher was like no other I had ever come across before, and while I do not remember his name 30 years later, I do remember everything he taught.  But more important than what he taught was how he taught it…

I found that most teachers just gave you the facts, and you were expected to learn those facts by memorizing various points of information.  This teacher however was very emotional about the subject that he taught, he loved history, and when he was talking about a specific point in U.S.  History he got very emotional about it, and he told the story like no other I had ever seen.  I remember he was discussing the Alaska Gold Rush he brought in a record player and played the Johnny Horton song “North to Alaska” and he dressed the part, and because of the emotion that he put into what he was teaching, thirty years later I still remember what he taught.

So why am I telling you about a high school history teacher that I haven’t seen in 30 years?  Because marketing is very similar; statistics, and numbers, and facts whether true or not is not what sells a product or service.  Emotion is what sells; emotion is the strongest decision making factor in existence.  How many times have you seen a commercial telling you to give your family the best, or that suggests the best way to show your kids your love is to provide them with this or that product, or if you really love your wife, what better way to show it than purchasing her a diamond on Valentine’s day, or showing how much you care as a Mom by purchasing certain cereal that has X amount of vitamins in it, because Moms that care buy this for their kids.  It’s all playing on your emotions, which is a powerful tool when marketing; nothing is as powerful, and while there a lot of ways to market, getting your target to “Love” your product is the best way to ensure a long term customer.  Emotional marketing should be something that every company is doing, because it is at the forefront of response driven marketing today.  Your competitors can counter your facts with facts of their own, but how do you counter an emotion?

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