I will drink to that…

Many business ideas are interchangeable from one place to another, and there is a healthy influx of new business ideas exchanged between the US and the UK. OK, admittedly it is often us coming over there, picking up ideas, and transplanting them in this country. But sometimes some developing business opportunity comes along that seems to be happening in both places at the same time. Over the past years there has been a huge increase in the demand for local beers and a proliferation of micro breweries. It seems to be one of those hot new things just happening right now. Continue reading

Is Branding Different Than Marketing?

If you are in marketing one of the words you probably have heard often is “Branding” and that’s because branding is a very important aspect of most companies marketing strategies.  But many people seem to be confused about what exactly branding is, and then then there are those that mistakenly are defining branding as marketing.  Is there a difference or are they one and the same? Continue reading

Does a blog help my business?

The question that many businesses have asked over the past few years is, “Does a blog help my business, and if so how?”  The answer is yes it can absolutely help your business in multiple ways.  My stance for many years has been that if you are writing quality content about the product or service that are selling, these articles are showing that you are an expert in your field, that you know what you are talking about, and you and your company is the place to go if someone is looking for this particular product or service.  But a blog does a lot more than this…. Continue reading