Is Branding Different Than Marketing?

If you are in marketing one of the words you probably have heard often is “Branding” and that’s because branding is a very important aspect of most companies marketing strategies.  But many people seem to be confused about what exactly branding is, and then then there are those that mistakenly are defining branding as marketing.  Is there a difference or are they one and the same?

There is a clear and conspicuous difference between marketing and branding; marketing is what you as a business do; marketing is taking your service from concept to delivery and covers everything in-between such as product development, price determination, Channels of distribution, promotional strategy and more.  Branding is who you are as opposed to what you are; as an individual if you work as a janitor; does that define who you are as a person?  Of course not, as a person you are much more than just someone who sweeps floors and empties trash cans, that’s just your job, what you do; who you are is much more defined.  The same applies to a business, what you do, and who you are not inclusive.  Brand is your businesses personality, brand is what people come to know, come to want, come to value, and what makes them keep coming back over time.  Marketing is what will convince you to purchase a product initially; branding is what will keep you buying the product in the long term.  Most people are loyal to a brand, not a product; I like Toyota, I have owned four Toyota’s and Two Lexus’s… Marketing probably played a good part of my purchasing the first one, but the next five was all about branding, because they already sold me, I’m in, I’m a customer, keeping me there is branding, making me like the company, what they stand for, who they are.  Do they stand for quality, craftsmanship; are they an honest company, a dependable company? All of this is branding, and all of this and more is what determines if I am going to continue to come back.

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