I will drink to that…

Many business ideas are interchangeable from one place to another, and there is a healthy influx of new business ideas exchanged between the US and the UK. OK, admittedly it is often us coming over there, picking up ideas, and transplanting them in this country. But sometimes some developing business opportunity comes along that seems to be happening in both places at the same time. Over the past years there has been a huge increase in the demand for local beers and a proliferation of micro breweries. It seems to be one of those hot new things just happening right now.

While many of the new micro breweries are just that. New start-ups , there are long established businesses building on this trend, one such is the Great Lakes Brewing Company. Whole areas are becoming renowned for their brewing prowess like Portland in Oregon. You can even go to college and learn how to develop your own micro brewery. Events are focusing on the glory that is brewing at its best. In the UK, we have CAMRA which has long campaigned for good beer and is now enjoying the revival for brewing in traditional ways. And the craze is spreading.

Brooklyn Brewery, a US brewery based in Williamsburg, is opening a brewery and restaurant overlooking Stockholm harbour in Sweden. Their company’s brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, will oversee the development of three new year-round craft beers. “We’re going to have a lot of fun brewing and creating beers with our Swedish team.” They have also expanded into France, competing with the independent breweries and smaller microbreweries that have been popping up across France. With a growing market for these premium beers and location not being an issue, the successful Bogota Beer Company is based in Colombia! This business model has caught the flavour of the times. It will be interesting to see how these businesses develop.

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