The Entrepreneur; A Life Misunderstood

I am an entrepreneur, through and through, I always have been and I always will be.  Many people, including those very close to me do not really understand what this means; what being an entrepreneur is.  If you were to ask someone what an entrepreneur was the answer you would most likely get is “Someone who is in business for themselves”, A small business owner, someone who takes financial risks in order to make a profit”.  All of these answers are correct… But far from being a full definition of what an entrepreneur is.   These answers are similar to the question, “what is a human being” with the answer “A mammal with two legs that stands upright, with two upper limbs, two hands, and ten fingers”.  While this answer is completely accurate a human being is much more than this, as is an entrepreneur much more than those answers above.  So what exactly is an Entrepreneur then?

An entrepreneur is a free spirit in the business world, someone that cannot be tamed with a typical job, and most certainly cannot be tied down to working for someone else, at least not happily.  While of course the ultimate goal of being in business is to make money, there is so much more to it than that… As Entrepreneurs we like the freedom that we have the ability to start a project from scratch and see it through to completion.  We love being creators, and wheelers and dealers… I know so many entrepreneurs that are not wealthy, just barely making enough to survive, most of these people could go to work for someone else and make three times what they are making, and not have to live the struggle they are living… But they won’t… Because they love what they do…  They love the creativity of creating income, of creating a product or service and turning it into a cash flow…  they love making deals, networking…  They and I love it all.  It cannot be explained to everyone, it is so much more than just making money, which is why so many entrepreneurs, fail, get up and do it again, over and over for years.  Most who have made it big did not do so the first time; they failed more than they succeeded… Failure just drives us even harder…

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