Obama Care Bad For Business?

We have all heard over the last couple of years how Obama Care is going to be great for everyone…. I am not so sure that those that are in business would agree.  Once the mandate for businesses takes effect every business who has employees that work over 30 hours will be required to provide that employee medical insurance.  This is the exact opposite of what capitalism is and how a free market is supposed to work.  In my opinion the only thing an employer owes an employee is financial compensation in exchange for their labor.  The amount of that compensation is agreed upon by both prior to the employee accepting the position. 

I have heard stories in the multitude of businesses cutting their full time employees hours down to less than 30 hours because they do not want to have to pay insurance.  While this is a benefit that many companies offer their full time employees it’s simply not practical for all business to do this.  Businesses already pay their fair share in taxes, in spite of what many may think or believe, and adding to this burden just hurts the working class more than anyone because as mentioned above companies will simply cut hours, or lay off employees in order to avoid or decrease this expense.

This is not helping employees; it is giving them less hours, or worse getting them laid off…  At the end of the day a company has to do whatever it takes to protect itself to ensure it stays in business.  It’s also not fair to put all of this burden on a company, but I’ll talk about that in my next article.

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