Are Entrepreneurs Lucky?

Over the years I have had many people tell me how lucky I am to be self-employed, how lucky I am to be my own boss; the first thing I tell these  people is luck had nothing to do with it.  Lottery winners are lucky; people in business, well we work for a living, we build, we create; now don’t get me wrong, there definitely can be an element of luck; being in the right place at the right time, but luck did not build a business, that was hard work, ingenuity, perseverance, sweat, blood, and tears, and the vision to get there.  People seem to think that because you work for yourself, because you are a successful entrepreneur, that it’s all a fantasy life.  I and anyone else that has built a business can assure you it is not all fun and games…

When you work for someone else you get paid X amount of dollars per hour, per week, per year, whatever it is, you know that your paycheck for that amount will be available on a certain date; guaranteed.  When you work for yourself, no matter how successful you are, that guarantee does not exist…  You are responsible for creating the income that generates your pay as well as those that work for you.   Many “employed” people go to bed at night and dream about starting their own business, of being their own boss, of doing their own thing, they dream of no longer working for “the man”.  People that are entrepreneurs dream about how to make the next payroll, how to increase sales, how to pay payroll taxes, and more; and the bigger the success, the more stress on how to keep it all together.

Don’t get me wrong; I would not change this life for anything, I love being an entrepreneur, but it comes with its fair amount of stress; and I just want those that think it’s easy to think again; getting others to give you their money is never easy.  Its hard work, it takes dedication, it takes sacrifice, sometimes you’re up, sometimes your down, it can be a roller coaster.  I think if you ask any entrepreneur to confirm what I am saying that most if not all would agree; I also think they would tell you they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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